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VSoldier Plus - Streetlight

The new VSoldier Plus range from Venture Lighting Europe redefines LED street lighting with cutting edge performance, build quality and design.

Offering efficiency of 126 Lm/W, a rated life of 100,000 hours and durable construction, the VSoldier Plus enables you to minimise your whole life costs, providing realistic and manageable return on investment opportunities.

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Order CodeDescriptionLumensLumens/WattData SheetInfo. Pack
STL070-120-D1120W Vsolider Plus Streetlight, D1, 74015320128
STL070-150-D1150W Vsolider Plus Streetlight, D1, 74018440125
STL070-180-D1180W Vsolider Plus Streetlight, D1, 74021100113
STL070-90-D190W Vsolider Plus Streetlight, D1, 74011480130