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Ultimate in Floodlight Technology

Introducing an ultra-efficient, true replacement for HID High Mast fittings.

Engineered with a multitude of distribution options such as multiple beam angles, rotatable fittings and excellent efficacy to reduce the number of luminaires required per scheme. With such powerful fixtures and high maintenance applications, we have focused on designing a product that delivers flexibility and longevity.

The Roker Floodlight features all of the benefits you would expect from a name that is synonymous with high powered floodlighting.

5 year Warranty

Our customers having confidence in our products is crucial to us, using quality components that last means we can provide the security that our customers require.

Up to 100,000 Hrs

Our products are built to last, that is why the Roker floodlight boasts up to 100,000 hours rated life, maintaining a minimum of 70% performance throughout its lifetime.

Outdoor Protection

The Roker floodlight has been crafted to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. With an IK rating of 10 and an IP rating of 66, the Roker is the ideal High Mast Exterior light solution.

Ultimate Versatility

We have engineered the Roker floodlight with versatility in mind. Understanding the requirements of the application is crucial to our journey in developing a fixture. We know that when it comes to High Mast lighting, it's rarely simple. The demands for such vast spaces deserve the right solution.

That is why our Roker floodlight has been designed with 10 beam angles and 9 wattage options.

Quality Components

1) Easy cable entry and termination

Ultimate in Sports Lighting

The Roker floodlight has the final word in sports lighting with 90 photometries and up to 320,000 lumens. A high powered, low maintenance solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Ideal for High Mast, Sports and Stadia lighting.

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