Backlit Pro - Panel

The new Backlit Pro - Panel brings product design and reliability to the forefront, offering an impressive 112lm/W, multiple lumen outputs and huge cost savings against traditional lighting as well as old LED designs.

Easy installation with plug and play connectors and flicker-free, loop in loop out drivers.

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Order CodeDescriptionLumensLumens/WattData SheetInfo. Pack
PNL075-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro, 600x600mm, 830, Driver3050108
PNL076-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro, 600x600mm, 840, Driver3080110
PNL077-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro, 600x600mm, 850, Driver3100110
PNL078-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro, 600x600mm, 860, Driver3130111


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