Backlit Pro PLUS - Panel

Backlit Pro PLUS Panels feature a Triple-Optic system of Lens, Diffuser and Microprism. The result is excellent uniformity and glare control, ensuring conformity and comfort in offices, schools and public buildings.

Occupant wellbeing is further improved with Flicker Free Drivers as standard and a range of traditional and Wireless Dimming Options

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Order CodeDescriptionLumensLumens/WattData SheetInfo. Pack
PNL075-PLUS-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro Plus, 600x600mm, 830, Driver277098
PNL076-PLUS-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro Plus, 600x600mm, 840, Driver2800100
PNL077-PLUS-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro Plus, 600x600mm, 850, Driver2820100
PNL078-PLUS-KIT0125W Backlit Panel Pro Plus, 600x600mm, 860, Driver2850101


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