Ventronic Ballasts

With the Ventronic solution, you can determine the light levels you require at any given time, either manually, automatically through the use of light meters or by programmable options. Saves money by making use of ambient light With conventional control gear the light is either ON or OFF. You burn full power - even when you don't need it. However, using Ventronic, the lights can be dimmed when it's bright outside, and only revert to a higher power when necessary. Ventronic can also be linked to a PIR sensor to produce more light when a particular area is occupied. 'Daylight Harvesting', as this technique is referred to, is an excellent way of saving energy costs and extending the life of the lamp without compromising on light levels. As it takes into consideration and therefore makes use of natural ambient light, it can also make a very positive contribution to a company's environmental policies.

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