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Venture Lighting Europe and Cree Lighting Europe Unite in a Strategic Partnership as Reciprocal Distributors

Venture Lighting Europe is now proud to announce a landmark agreement with Cree Lighting Europe! We have solidified a position as their newest distributor. We feel honoured to be joining their existing network of distribution across the UK.

The context of this agreement is that Venture Lighting Europe will now have access to the Cree Lighting Europe product portfolio, enabling us to offer our customers an extensive array of lighting solutions. This partnership will also amplify our ability to offer improved lead times, a wider market reach, localised customer support, and a comprehensive product selection tailored to our customer’s requirements.

The partnership is also an occasion to warmly welcome Cree Lighting Europe into the Venture Lighting family as a trusted supplier. This partnership grants the Cree Lighting Europe sales network access to Venture Lighting’s diverse portfolio throughout Europe. Ensuring our European customers will also benefit from localised support and easy access to our full, combined range of products.

This collaboration will only prove to leverage each other’s strengths. Venture Lighting’s legacy for being pioneers in lighting technology, specialising in Industrial and Commercial applications together with Cree Lighting Europe, a global powerhouse in sustainability, and their world-class exterior lighting range. We are excited about what the future holds.

This news will bolster Venture Lighting’s standing in the industry, but more importantly, it will empower our customers with more choices. Follow both companies to watch this exciting collaboration take shape.

About Venture Lighting Europe:

Established in the U.S. in the early 1980s and subsequently founded in the UK in 1997, the Venture Lighting brand boasts a deep well of experience and proficiency within the global lighting industry. Part of the ADLT Lighting Group, Venture has forged a reputation as the market leaders in metal halide and LED lighting technology. This reputation has been cultivated through a consistent stream of product innovations. They are manufacturers, and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting materials, components, systems, and fixtures. With in-house technical facilities and capabilities of creating bespoke solutions, they combine value, quality, and exceptional service. Their focus is directed towards serving the Industrial and Commercial Lighting sectors.

About Cree Lighting Europe:

Cree Lighting Europe, a division of the ADLT Lighting Group, is a renowned market leader and innovator in outdoor and indoor LED lighting. Established in 1982 as Ruud Lighting by founder Alan Ruud, the company made history by introducing the industry's first widely adopted LED luminaires in 2007. In 2011, Ruud Lighting became a significant acquisition of Cree Inc. (now known as Wolfspeed, Inc.), leading to the formation of Cree Lighting US, which has since maintained its position as a market leader in a broad spectrum of LED lighting products.

Cree Lighting has a rich legacy of pushing the boundaries of LED technology and continues to deliver cutting-edge lighting solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Cree Lighting is dedicated to illuminating spaces efficiently and enhancing the quality of life through innovative lighting solutions.

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