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Venture Lighting Europe and Cree Lighting Europe appoint new UK Sales Director to lead company growth.

Updated: May 8

Venture Lighting Europe has announced some new strategic changes to its management structure, appointing Claire Wilkinson as the new UK Sales Director for Venture Lighting Europe and sister company Cree Lighting Europe. This move is to reinforce the two company’s business success and company growth.

Claire boasts a career abundant in expertise within the lighting industry. As a highly accomplished Sales Engineer, she has diligently managed both company’s key accounts for years. Having a previous career with both Venture Lighting Europe and Cree Lighting Europe; Claire's dedication, technical prowess, and customer-centric approach makes her the perfect fit for the role. 

Claire Wilkinson has said the below regarding the new position:  

“I am thrilled with my new position here working alongside Venture Lighting Europe. The lighting industry has always been where I’m most happy. I adore working in external and industrial lighting. So, working for manufacturers with so much heritage and history behind the logo makes me so proud. My experience working in various project sales engineering roles, and as UK Sales Manager for Cree has helped me form many customer relationships that inspire me every day. The people we support are what makes this position so special to me.” 

Claire has the drive needed to strengthen both businesses.

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