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Shaping a Sustainable Future: Cree Lighting Europe Release Their Sustainability Report

In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable tomorrow, we are delighted to share the latest milestone from our trusted supplier, Cree Lighting Europe. Their newly released sustainability report is not just a document; it's a beacon of positive change that promises a brighter future.

Cree Lighting Europe shares this document with the aim of unfolding their sustainability journey, with the report not only highlighting its accomplishments but also setting a strategy for future objectives. This strategy is going to impact us here at Venture Lighting in a big way. We share their visions for a sustainable future and can now work together to craft efficient, environmentally friendly products, establish a sustainable supply chain and conduct our business in a manner that prioritises environmental awareness.

Sustainability has long been a core focus in Venture Lighting Europe's research and development endeavours, working on enhancements in our packaging, lumen efficiency, controls and sensors, and innovative product developments. This collaboration with Cree not only reinforces our commitment to sustainability but also establishes a strategy that is something to get excited about.

We can work together to bring products to market that have a clean background and an even cleaner future. Putting warranties, circularity, and lumen efficiency at the forefront. Bringing tangible benefits to you, our valued Venture Lighting Europe customers.

We are incredibly excited about this development and cannot wait to continue our journey into taking steps to better our planet.

Read the full sustainability document here:

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