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Case Study

sportscotland Inverclyde sports centre

sportscotland, the national agency for sport in Scotland, required new LED lighting for their multi-use sports hall. This hall is part of the Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre and can facilitate a variety of sports. Measuring at 38 x 35m, the hall provides up to eight badminton courts as well as accommodating other sports such as table tennis, basketball and volleyball. Having undergone a 12-million-pound redevelopment in 2017, this national sports centre boasts Olympic level facilities, fully equipped to host professional training, development and competitions.


Whilst the redevelopment in 2017 ensured this facility offered world-class amenities, sportscotland delivered a public tender in 2020 to upgrade the lighting in order to meet this professional standard. The existing lighting consisted of 250W induction luminaires and was achieving light levels of only 300 lux, much lower than the requirements for professional training and competition. The existing lighting also created glare and reduced visibility. Being a multi-use hall, the existing lighting offered no flexibility, the challenge was to create a solution catered to different sporting requirement, in the one space.


LED specialist Earlsmann responded to the public tender and designed a bespoke lighting scheme crafted to provide the best solution for the space. 90 of the Venture Lighting Midibay Edge Pro 2s with added ball guards were used in a combination of 180W and 150W. Purposefully designed to be the perfect sports light, the Venture Midibays use Samsung LEDs to achieve an impressive 155lm/W and the added ball guard accessory ensures protection and longevity.

The Venture Midibays achieve a higher lux, evenly distributed light, comfort and safety.

The scheme also included dimming capabilities. Each luminaire controlled through the wireless system, Casambi. The smart control upgrade was added to the LED luminaires to give the customer further flexibility. This addition enabled the customer to adapt the lighting to suit the requirements of the space at any given time. Allowing the customer to control the lux levels from 1000 lux for competitions, down to 300 lux for community training. The wireless solution offered with the Venture Midibays was easy to install and guaranteed energy savings along with optimal performance, all achieved through the touch of a button.


The new lighting is accomplishing immediate energy savings, with energy usage now around 43,000kWhr/year, a vast improvement on the 145,000kWhr/year used previously. This will provide a return on sportscotland’s investment in just 2.2 years and saves 54 tonnes of carbon annually. The lighting upgrade has also made vast improvements to the functionality of the space. Enabling the customer flexibility through the use of smart controls, the customer can now manage each individual fitting adapting the lux levels and efficiency dependent on the requirements of the day, hour or game. Venture Midibays have enhanced the space by reducing glare and improving lux for the athletes.

environmental impact


Venture Lighting Europe:
Midibay Edge Pro 2
Watts: 150W + 180W
Smart Controls:
Casambi Wireless Control System

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