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Case Study

Denmaur paper media warehouse

Denmaur Paper Media is one of the leading specialist paper suppliers in the UK, supplying paper to the print and publishing sectors since 1983. Denmaur boast a 12,100sqm warehouse and distribution site, located in Leicestershire. The warehouse has 32,000 picking locations and can hold more than 20,000 tonnes of stock. The warehouse operates on a 16-hour basis, 5 days a week.


While this impressive facility had superb working systems (from electric forklifts to temperature control), the missing component was lighting; inefficient, end of life sodium lamps that didn’t match the facilities’ potential. Working together on the challenge to improve the illuminance levels and quality of light whilst saving on energy and maintenance.


Venture Lighting Europe won the job over competitors along with partner AP20/20 Lighting Solutions on service and product quality. AP20/20 Lighting Solutions carried out the survey and lighting design and Venture manufactured, supplied and commissioned the lighting system. The fittings were installed by JS Electrical Contracting Ltd. The project had just an eight-week turnaround. The first objective was to improve the lux levels and colour rendering on site. To achieve this, an upgrade from 400W sodium lamps to 135W Venture Midibay Edge Pro. The second objective was energy saving. The existing luminaires were not supporting the client’s huge efforts to become a more carbon-balanced business.

The solution; an efficiently-tailored lighting scheme utilising Venture’s Midibay Edge Pro and CP Electronic’s Highbay PIR sensors. A programme was specifically crafted by AP20/20 Lighting Solutions, understanding exactly what is needed for Denmaur’s work patterns. The main warehouse is set to ten-minute intervals, and the aisles are set to three minutes. When not in use after this time, the fixtures switch off; maximising energy usage in such a huge space.

The scheme also included Venture Stroma Non-Corrosives fitted into racking tunnels and a fully luminaire integrated emergency lighting solution – reducing the number of fittings by eliminating the need for emergency twin spots.


Denmaur has reported significant positive results from their luminaire upgrade. From a safety point of view, the sensors enable staff to know where forklifts are at any point in time, only lighting the aisles that are actively in use. From a security standpoint; lighting can pick up the presence of activity on CCTV, ensuring after-hours peace of mind.

Overall, fewer mistakes and accidents occur, due to a brighter working environment.

ROI and environmental impact


Venture Lighting Europe:
Midibay Edge Pro
Watts: 135W
Smart Controls:
High level CP sensor

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