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Case Study

Asgard games workshop

Asgard Games UK is a gaming workshop in the centre of Walsall, UK; a warehouse with 10-metre-high ceilings accommodates a café, shop and gaming arena all under one roof. This three-tiered business offers the ultimate gaming experience. An upgrade from a small shop, Vince Connolly, the owner, took on the challenge of creating an all-encompassing gaming escape for his customers, offering something that the internet can’t and creating a space for people to connect.


Operating a café, shop and gaming arena, the mood, aesthetics and lighting requirements for each space were very different. Second City Electrical took on the challenge in creating the perfect space through lighting. The main focus was the gaming arena, the specification required high lighting levels over each of the gaming tables with minimal light spillage into walkways and adjacent tables.


The lighting scheme was put together by EXLP, who determined that highbays were needed but to be suspended at a lower height than usual. An innovative solution to avoid excessive light spillage but still achieving the higher lux required on each gaming table.

Venture Lighting Europe’s Vracks were commissioned for the job. Using the 30 x 70 degree attachment, EXPL were confident this product would achieve the clients unique requirements.


Although a highbay, designed for warehouse racking and mounted at a high level, the Venture Lighting Vrack delivered outstanding results at low-level mounting. With 30 x 70 optic and 1500 lux available per table, the Vrack achieved the specialist requirement of enough concentrated light. Asgard games report that the Vracks create the ideal atmosphere.


Venture Lighting Europe:
VRack Highbay
Watts: 83W with Narrow Optic Beam

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