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Employee Spotlight! Frank O'Donnell

We want to spotlight our incredible team! From longstanding members to new faces, our Castle Donington distribution centre is the heartbeat of our operation and while our departments operate seamlessly, we take pride in shining a light on the individuals who are the driving force behind our success.

Today, we have Frank O’Donnell under the spotlight! A prominent figure in our organisation. Frank started at Venture Lighting Europe 20 years ago, and although he took a six-year hiatus to pursue his own entrepreneurial adventure, he has returned to us and now serves as an asset to our company.

Frank has accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise throughout his career. He has been part of the various phases of growth within Venture Lighting Europe and this has played a significant role in shaping his professional trajectory.

Frank started with Venture back when metal halide lamps were at the forefront of lighting technology, and he speaks highly of the impact we made on the lighting industry:

“Venture was known for being the best in metal halide, our reputation was incredible. We shaped and influenced the lighting industry through our components and manufacturing capabilities. Clive Riddell and Andy Pyle had a huge impact on the development of Venture during that time, we were the lighting company with wacky innovative engineers and a technical prowess that nobody else had. It’s always been a fantastic place to work, with a brand that people love. I believe that is why we still have those loyal customers even after all these years.”

Now fast forward to 2023 and Frank heads up our Lamps and Harvard drivers’ division, his knowledge of HID lamps is like no other and with the innovation of circularity moving fast, our replaceable and reliable components are more important now than ever before. He continues to enjoy his career here at VLE and is hopeful about the next generation of light source technology:

“Working alongside industry experts over the years here at Venture has provided me with knowledge that paved the way for my fulfilling career. Despite being a smaller player in the market, we have consistently competed with some of the world's best companies, and we tend to excel. Over the years, we've stood side by side with these remarkable enterprises, often emerging victorious due to our distinctive personalities and commitment to delivering high-quality products. This is what fuels my passion for our brand. As a family-friendly business, we've maintained a positive work environment through the business's ups and downs, making it a delightful place to work even after two decades.”