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Our Latest News

Company Update Dec 11, 2023

Employee Spotlight! Frank O'Donnell

Get ready to meet the incredible individuals who make our team shine! First up is our Head of Lamps and Harvard division, Frank O’Donnell!

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Company Update Dec 05, 2023

Shaping a Sustainable Future: Cree Lighting Europe Release Their Sustainability Report

Our trusted suppliers, Cree Lighting Europe, have released a groundbreaking initiative. Their sustainability report highlights their efforts to create a greener future!

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Company Update Oct 02, 2023

Venture Lighting Europe and Cree Lighting Europe Unite in a Strategic Partnership as Reciprocal Distributors.

Venture Lighting Europe is now proud to announce a landmark agreement with Cree Lighting Europe! We have solidified a position as their newest distributor. We feel honoured to be joining their existing network of distribution across the UK.

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