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Portland - Floodlight

The all new Portland Floodlight features impressive 125 LPW efficacy in a compact and thermally efficient housing.

Versatile mounting options make the Portland at home in any application and precise asymmetric light distribution ensures every lumen is placed exactly where you need it.

The Portland Floodlight is available with multiple beam angles, control and wattage options making it the ideal solution for professional lighting designs.

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Order CodeDescriptionLumensLumens/WattData SheetInfo. Pack
FLD150-D145W Portland Floodlight, 840, D16250125
FLD151-D195W Portland Floodlight, 840, D112500125
FLD152-D1140W Portland Floodlight, 840, D118750125
FLD153-D1185W Portland Floodlight, 840, D125000125
FLD154-D1280W Portland Floodlight, 840, D137500125