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Hyskeir Pro - Highbay

The Hyskeir Pro Highbay is a premium high efficiency, low maintenance LED luminaire designed to mimic the classic highbay style.

With its robust construction and long life, the Hyskeir Highbay - Pro is suitable for demanding industrial applications.

This versatile LED luminaire features a 120° beam angle as standard. We also offer a range of additional mounting options and optical accessories.

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Order CodeDescriptionLumensLumens/WattData SheetInfo. Pack
IND165-C1090W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 840, 1-10V13000130
IND168-C1090W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 850, 1-10V13200132
IND167-C10185W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 840, 1-10V26000130
IND166-C10140W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 840, 1-10V19500130
IND169-C10140W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 850, 1-10V19800132
IND170-C10185W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 850, 1-10V26400132
IND216-C10240W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 850, 1-10V34400132
IND215-C10240W Hyskeir Highbay Pro, 840, 1-10V33800130