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Pro - Batten

The Batten - Pro is a high-performance batten for multipurpose applications, featuring a polycarbonate diffuser, ABS end caps and a quick access gear tray for fast termination. The range is available with batten-mounted DALI, Microwave Sensor, PIR Sensors and integral emergency options.

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Order CodeDescriptionLumensLumens/WattData SheetInfo. Pack
BTN0018W LED Batten, 2Ft, 8401100122
BTN00516W LED Batten, 4Ft, 8402400133
BTN00632W LED Batten, 4Ft, 8404800133
BTN00725W LED Batten, 5Ft, 8403600120
BTN00849W LED Batten, 5Ft, 8407100129
BTN00947W LED Batten, 6Ft, 8406600124
BTN01069W LED Batten, 6Ft, 8409400120