Panel - Lite

The Lite series of panels are an economical and versatile solution for all office and corridor environments. “Plug and play” drivers allow for quick installation in ceiling grids. Also available with Emergency, DALI, Switch Dim and 1-10V options.

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Order CodeDescriptionLumensLumens/WattData SheetInfo. Pack
PNL032-KIT0136W LED Panel - Lite, 600x600mm, 830 with Driver335083
PNL033-KIT0136W LED Panel - Lite, 600x600mm, 840 with Driver340085
PNL034-KIT0136W LED Panel - Lite, 600x600mm, 850 with Driver345086
PNL048-KIT0136W LED Panel - Lite, 600x600mm, 860 with Driver350087


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